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Rethinking governance and development: new concepts, new measurements,
new practices

How can governance evolve and innovate? Can current crises become opportunities to re-think our social, political and economic governance?

Our focus areas:
    BEYOND GDP: Alternative development approaches and new metrics of economic performance and well-being
    GOVERNANCE OF THE COMMONS: land, food, water, energy, agriculture and natural resources
    REGIONALISM FROM BELOW: regional integration, civil society, migration and human development
    HUMAN SECURITY: livelihoods, people's centred development and creative conflict transformation

The Centre for Study of Governance Innovation (GovInn) is the first research institution in Africa dedicated entirely to governance innovation. It focuses not only on cutting-edge research, but it is also an ‘innovation laboratory’ capable of generating new thinking about governance and development as well as attract innovators from all over the world. In short, GovInn is an intellectual ‘inn’ for innovation in the 21st century.
GovInn and IIASA published Corporate Governance Index 2014
GovInn, in partnership with the Institute of Internal Auditors of South Africa, has just released …

Added: August 19, 2014
Watch the keynote address at the GovInn Week 2014 by Vandana Shiva
Acclaimed author and environmentalist Vandana Shiva gave the keynote address at the Governance …

Added: July 25, 2014
Why Africa needs to move beyond GDP
Read the latest piece by Lorenzo Fioramonti, the director of GovInn, about the need to move beyond …

Added: July 25, 2014
From blogging Innovation : Out of the box
Interview on TTIP with German TV
By: GovInn on May 16, 2014
GovInn director, Lorenzo Fioramonti, was recently interviewed by ZDF about the risks of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the US and Europe. Watch the interview here:
The politics of numbers
By: GovInn on February 18, 2014

The inherent power of numbers explains why all sorts of data, good or bad, can become a potent weapon to shape complacency and subservience in society.

Welfare cuts have become a common phenomenon in the age of austerity, especially in Europe, where conservative policies carry the day. As with the cuts recently proposed by George Osborne in the UK, these reforms hit the …

Whose Crisis? Whose Future
By: Susan George on October 12, 2013
GovInn was officially launched on Monday 20 May 2013. Social activist, writer and political scientist Susan George delivered the keynote address at the event. Ms George is the president of the Transnational Institute and the honorary president of ATTAC (the global association for the taxation of financial transactions). She is the author of best-sellers such as How the Other Half Dies: The Real Reasons for World Hunger (Penguin, 1976) and A Fate Worse Than Debt (Penguin, 1988). In …